VCCAPS Summer Youth Coordinator

Job Duration: To be determined
Rate: $12.50 per hour
Hours: 35 hours per week

C@P Youth Intern Coordinator

Reporting directly to the VCCAPS Coordinator and the Provincial C@P Youth Coordinator.
The C@P Summer Youth Coordinator will assist in the organizing and supervising of the Summer Youth hired for the C@P sites in Victoria  County.  (start date will be determined)

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

·        Supervise summer youth on a daily basis through site visits, email and online conferencing.

·        Assist in arranging student orientation.

·        Ensure youth complete daily reports, timesheets, stats.

·        Ensure youth fulfill all expected C@P duties, such as required forms, special projects, etc

·        Help prepare and deliver C@P publicity and promotional products to a broad range of community members.

·        Assist co-workers with skill development.

·        Write success stories about VCCAPS C@P sites.

·        Assist in the organization of C@P events and programs.

·        Assist with preparations for annual C@P Day celebrations.

·        Submit and update information for the NSC@P website and blog.

·        Prepare videos that help capture youth experiences and C@P activity.

·        Other duties as required.

Special Skills

·        Be able to work with independantly and as a team player

·        Strong IT skills

·        Strong interpersonal skills

·        Strong organizational skills

·        Between the ages of 15-30

·        Must have driver’s license and access to an insured vehicle (proof of insurance is required)