Cape Breton Internet Access

Cape Breton Island is situated in northeastern Nova Scotia, and is enclosed by the Bay of St. Lawrence to the west and the open Atlantic Ocean to the east. Cape Breton's remoteness and sparse population density creates certain challenges for internet service providers and institutions providing public internet access. Gathered here is some information that will help both residents and visitors to rural Cape Breton Island to get connected to the internet.

Internet Access for Residents of Cape Breton Island

Aliant High-Speed Internet - Aliant provides high-speed internet services to most areas of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. However, in more remote rural locations, only dial-up internet is currently offered by Aliant.

Rogers Communications - Rogers supplies high-speed cable internet in most urbanized parts of Cape Breton.

Seaside Wireless Internet - Seaside offers both high-speed wireless internet (Nova Scotia Rural Broadband) and cable internet to a large portion of Cape Breton Island.

Galaxy Broadband Communications - Galaxy supplies high-speed satellite internet to customers virtually anywhere in Canada, including Cape Breton. If you live somewhere where even Seaside does not provide internet service, you always have the option to install a satellite connection.

Internet Access for Visitors to Cape Breton Island

Cell Phone Coverage
If you can access the internet and email through your cell phone, these cellular coverage maps will show you what kind of cellular coverage you can expect on Cape Breton Island:

Community Access Program Sites Network

Nova Scotia's Community Access Program provides public internet access through local CAP sites. Cape Breton Island is covered by 4 different umbrella organizations that organize CAP sites within their county, supplying access to email, faxing, computer training, and wireless internet all over Cape Breton.