Intermediate Computers Module 2: Computer Security

An introduction to computer security, and how to stay safe on the internet.

Chances are, your computer is connected to the Internet. And if it is, you know how fun and useful the Internet can be.
But it’s also a popular place for unfriendly users who might want to spread viruses or gain access to your computer.
In this lesson, you’ll learn what you can do to make your computer more resistant to threats from the Internet.

Course Goals

  1. Understand what viruses, spam, and phishing is.
  2. Know how to identify if a website is safe.
  3. Know how to detect spam emails as spam.
  4. Learn to browse the internet wisely.
  5. Share your computer safely.
  6. Protect with passwords.
  7. Use Firewalls, Anti-virus, Anti-adware and anti-spyware tools.
  8. Block pop-ups.

Online Course

Course curriculum is available online in 2 versions:Additionally, you can download and print this summary sheet:


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