Managing Digital Photos

Photographs are intended to bring us joy. Instead most people feel anything but joy when it comes to their photographs. Most people feel challenged, frustrated, and overwhelmed by their photographs. Whatever your preferences in terms of photo equipment and format, and whether you take hundreds of shots or simply dozens, organizing your pictures can help reduce photographic clutter. It makes it easier to find the shots you’re looking for, and ensures that your photos are safely and meaningfully stored. This workshop is going to help you get rid of unwanted confusion among your digital photos and create a system right for you. It will also teach you how to rename your photos and save them to a CD.

Course Goals

  1. Create a storage system for your pictures
  2. Download your pictures to a computer
  3. Delete any unwanted shots
  4. Create a backup file storage onto a CD
  5. Rename your photos for fast and easy storage

Online Course

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