MS Office Picture Manager

Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager allows you to have a flexible way to manage, edit, and share your pictures. You can view all your pictures no matter where they are stored; the Locate Pictures feature will even help you find them by doing the searching for you. Picture Manager can also automatically perform corrections to your pictures. If you ever need to adjust something more specific, you can choose from several individual picture editing tools. Sharing pictures is more powerful using Picture Manager, which allows you to send pictures in e-mail messages or create a picture library. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to make changes to your pictures such as fixing brightness, colour, removing red eyes and compressing pictures to send in an email or add to a document. This program is included in the Microsoft Office 2003 Suite. You must have Microsoft Office installed on your computer in order to actually edit pictures in this program. In the lessons to follow we will be learning how to do some of the basic editing features in this program.

Course Goals

  1. Understanding what the picture manager is and what you can do with it.
  2. Learning the basic editing features of the program.
  3. Learning how to change colour, resize, remove red eye, flip and rotate, and compress pictures.

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