Windows Movie Maker

Most computers come with tools or programs you may not have explored before. In Windows XP there is a program called “Windows Movie Maker.” This program can be used to make Windows Media Player slideshows, videos and sound! This program is a cost effective option for small businesses looking to impress future clients or is a program that can share heart-felt memories with friends and family. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Windows Movie Maker to make a picture slideshow.

Course Goals

  1. Be comfortable using Windows Movie Maker to create picture slideshows.
  2. Know how to add pictures and sound to the collection area, storyboard and timeline.
  3. Know how to edit the slideshow to add titles, effects, and transitions.
  4. Know how to edit the default volume, duration and edit sound files.
  5. Know how to save it as a working (project) file, slideshow file, and as well to a CD.

Online Course

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