Newark DE Restaurants That Give You A Good Taste Of The City

Newark DE Restaurants That Give You A Good Taste Of The City

With over 286 restaurants in Newark, you’re going to find that there are some awesome places to eat. Yet you might want some top restaurant recommendations for you to try out vs just picking one out of a hat. In another article, I reviewed 4 top Newark restaurants, and I’m going to give you 4 more great picks this round, too.

First up is a cafe, the Olive Tree Cafe. Its location is 13 Chestnut Hill Plaza, and it is all about Mediterranean cuisine. The reviews say that this place is the real deal folks. You’re going to enjoy foods like Turkish bread, baklava, roasted vegetables and more. The mint tea also makes the menu favorites on a travel site. Not only do you get great food but friendly service as well.

Do you like pizza? Of course you do! The Wood Fired Pizza Shop is a great stop to make when its pizza you crave. Located at 140 East Cleveland Avenue, The Wood Fired Pizza Shop is also known for its craft soda. And get this, they have breakfast pizzas available, too. Have you ever tried breakfast pizza before? You’re in for a treat. People say this pizza place uses locally sourced ingredients as well.

Do you like seafood? Blue Crab Grill is a unique restaurant to visit in Newark, and its location is 322 Suburban Drive. Enjoy some delicious snow crab legs, jambalaya, drunken clams and more. People say that this restaurant is a great place for date night. If you’re in the mood for seafood and more, this restaurant is a wonderful pick to enjoy a meal.

JB Dawson’s Restaurant is located at 315 Christiana Mall. I mentioned this mall in an attractions article for Newark, and there is a great food court there. As you can see, this restaurant is one of the picks for the food court, albeit a full-service restaurant. You’re talking prime rib, shoestring fries, ribs, crab dip, creamed spinach and more. If you’re looking for a recommendation, the reviews point to the fish tacos.

Pizza, prime rib, seafood, fish tacos and Mediterranean cuisine await you when you stop by these 4 top restaurants that Newark DE has to offer. They are going to make for some delicious meals. I guess I would have to say that the pizza place gets my vote for the first one to stop by. Now you get to pick the one that fits your taste buds at the moment.