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Project Staff

Funded by grants for service by Industry Canada through NSCAP

Donna MacDonald

VCCAPS'  Regional Working Group Coordinator is Donna MacDonald, who has worked with CAP since 2003. She has been a longtime volunteer at Iona CAP, is a an IT volunteer at Alderwood in Baddeck, and has been a VCCAPS Project employee participant and Project Coordinator of many VCCAPS Projects, the latest being the very successful High Speed Community Communications Project - phases I&II. She is currently coordinating the NSCAP/VCCAPS Summer & Winter Youth Intern Projects for 2011 - 12.  She enjoys working with community groups, teaching people of all ages and working with blogs and social media. Donna lives in Upper Washabuck with her spouse and her two daughters who attend Rankin School in Iona.

Annette MacKenzie
Annette works as VCCAPS' Communication Trainer. She volunteered at Middle River CAP for many years and volunteers much of her time with a
number of other community groups in Baddeck and surrounding areas.
Annette has been a VCCAPS Project employee with our High Speed Community Communication Project since Fall, 2010 and has worked on the Community Connection Fall/ Winter 2011-2012 Project.
Annette lives in Middle River with her husband and  two sons who attend Baddeck Academy and enjoys working with community groups and
travelling to the various sporting events in which her sons participate.

Joe Soltesz

Joe Soltesz is a MacKenzie College graduate specializing in computer Networks, Servers and Web applications. Joe also has experience teaching computer courses and development workshops. Joes provides technical support to the Victoria County CAP Sites Association to ensure they get all of the collaboration tools and services that they need.