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Web Info Project

VCCAPS Announces Winter Web Info Project Approval

The Victoria County CAP Sites Association Fall Web Info Project will have the broad objectives of increasing the skill levels and web knowledge of CAP site volunteers and youth, as well as, seniors and other community members in our area. This web knowledge for VCCAPS, CAP sites, small businesses, and volunteer organizations will include training on web optimization information and tools and how to use them. This includes producing manuals and training material for future training and to disseminate to other sites; and to increase usage at the sites for training, broadband usage and web info tools.

These objectives will be achieved through training with all VCCAPS project personal including youth interns, and our partners, including volunteers from individual C@P Sites site, small business people; and community organization members. The overall outcomes achieved will be: newly promoted web portal with useful up-to date info on web directories, SEO resources, social networking, e-commerce and web design set up as an easy to use learning resource; statistics and surveys on all courses given at the C@P Sites; reports on partnership development and training resources; and updated training manuals for all C@P Sites to use with seniors or any learners on web info such as Internet navigation and safety, computer security and maintenance and electronic communication.


This project is made possible by funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development (ERD) as part of the Community Access Program and its Youth Initiative. VCCAPS is very pleased to hire local youth and a regional coordinator to work with you in your community. Please see our staff information page to learn more about them.